It goes without saying that without fully functioning wheels you cannot travel far with your trailer. Therefore, the first thing you must do before you set off on your adventure is to ensure that your trailer tyres are examined and your bearings, brakes and suspension are all in good working order. This goes for whether you are hauling a bike trailer, horse trailer, box trailer or something altogether different.

Make sure your tyres are inflated and gauge tyre pressure

You won’t get far with a flat tyre so make sure all of your tyres are fully inflated and they are not rubbing against the bearings or suspension. Many blowouts are caused by underinflated tyres, so double check the pressure before you set off on a long journey. Underinflated tyres will end up costing you more in gas as they are less efficient for your vehicle. Scan your spare in the likelihood you get a flat tyre and inflate to the standard. You should always have a spare tyre for your trailer and your vehicle.

Check the ageing condition of the tyres

Don’t forget to inspect all the tyres for cracks or porous spots and measure the tread depth. Scan the wheel rims for
damage and always repair the wheels in pairs. Tyres should be replaced every 3 to 5 years regardless of the wear and tear.

Wheels Under Trailers 1Examine the nuts and the wheel bearings

Survey the wheel nuts to see if they are bolted properly and tighten if necessary. While you can go a long time without wheel bearing issues, it is recommended that you grease the bearings regularly to avoid an incident. These are often neglected until a problem occurs. Greasing the wheel bearings will also assist with corrosion.

Look over the axles and clean brake hubs

When was the last time you looked the condition of your axles? They are prone to rust, so it is important to inspect them regularly. Replace the axle when there is noticeable damage. If your brake hubs have been in contact with salt water, then it is important to clean them out with fresh water.

Road safety is important especially when you are towing a load. Getting into the habit of inspecting the wheels, undercarriage, suspension and tyres of your trailer before you set off will mean that all goes according to plan.