Which Trailer Should I use for my Golf Buggy?

It doesn’t matter if you are a golfing enthusiast or a Sunday-morning golfer, golf buggies are a sizeable investment. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want to protect that investment as much as possible. Transporting your golf buggy from A to B will need to happen at some stage, so it is important that you have some means to do so safely and in a cost-effective manner.

Open Golf Buggy Toy TrailerChallenge of non-specific trailers

Trying to load a golf cart into a standard pickup truck or box trailer can pose all kinds of challenges, not to mention be extremely dangerous. Low ground clearance and limited power of the vehicle can cause unnecessary issues, especially if you are trying to do it alone. Loading ramps on regular trucks and trailers can present the risk of golf buggy tires slipping off the sides. You need to ensure that your trailer of choice can support your load while meeting personal and vehicle safety requirements.

Purpose-built golf buggy trailers

Purpose-built golf buggy trailers generally feature a single axle and make transportation of your cart easy. If safety and practicality are of concern, then ready-made golf buggy trailers are highly recommended particularly in light of their convenient design. They feature jockey wheel and clamp, drawbar tilt, checkerplate floors, spare wheel brackets, a pair of ramps and a choice of front and side rails or panels. Purpose-built golf trailers have a tendency to be designed lower to the ground to make loading easier and can be used to transport small loads including lawn mowers and other lightweight equipment.

Whatever trailer you decide to use, always make sure you secure your golf buggy as carefully as possible.

Westbrook Trailers can also customise a golf buggy trailer design to suit your personal requirements. Contact the team at sales@westbrooktrailers.com.au for more information or pop in for a chat.