Tradesmans Trailers


We have a wide range of trades trailers. Choose between Single or Tandem Axle depending on what best suits your needs.

Our Single Axle Trades Trailers are built on our extra heavy duty trailer and now come with LED lights and new light truck tyres. There are opportunities to customise your trailer further by adding from a large list of options, from larger wheel sizes to brakes and ATM upgrades.

If you’re needing to carry more weight or go to a larger size trailer we have a list of sizes and ATM’s available in our Tandem Axles.

To customise your trailer we have a large list of optional extras available such as, toolboxes and compressor boxes or internal fitouts including draws and compartments.

Different styles of our Trades Trailers include:

  • Standard Trades Top
  • Pantec Top
  • ToolBox Top
  • Integral Trades / Pantec

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