Galvanised Trailers


Our Galvanised Trailers are manufactured from Black Steel, then placed in a Hot Galvanising Vat.

Our trailers are pre drilled before being sent off to the Hot Dipped Galvanisers.  This allows the galvanising to seep inside the trailers and provides maximum protection against rusting as opposed to a Gal Sheeted product which is drilled and welded together.

The floors in our trailers also are pre drilled and dipped separately and secured with a Monel rivet so no welding can break the galvanised seal.

Galvanising is available in most of our trailer designs. Please note that some sizing and steel types are not able to be galvanised.

Sizes Available: 6X4 (1800X1200), 7X4 2100X1200, 8X5 (2400X1500)
GVM: 750kg
HD Structural Capacity: 900kg
XHD Structural Capacity: 1100kg

Galvanized Heavy Duty (HD) and Extra Heavy Duty (XHD) Specifications

Body: 310mm High 3 Ribbed for extra strength
Drawbar: 75x50x2mm RHS
Axle: 39mm Round Solid S1040
Wheels: 14/15” 2nd Hand Rims & Tyres + Spare
Jockey Wheel: 6” Clamp On
Tie Rails: 20nb Pipe Front, Sides & Rear
Corner Posts: 50x50x2mm Front & Rear Plastic Capped c/w Bolt & Nut
Safety Chain: 8mm Single
Coupling: Quick Release 50mm Adjustable
Hubs & Bearings: 5 Stud (LM/Holden Bearings)
Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanised


HD Full Boxed Chassis | Cross Runners-35x35x2mm (6×4-2, Others-3)
XHD Full Boxed Chassis | Cross Runners-50x50x2mm (6×4-2, Others-3)


HD 5 Leaf 45x6mm Slipper (Anti-Rattle)
XHD 6 Leaf 45x6mm Slipper (Anti Rattle)


HD 1.6mm Galvanised Sheet
XHD 2.1mm Checkerplate

Galvanised Trailers 5 Galvanised Trailers 2







Galvanised Trailers 1

Galvanised Trailers 4







Galvanised Trailers 3