Customised Single Axle Trailers

PBL Custom
Westbrook Trailers offer a wide range of single axle trailers and most importantly can customise a design to suit your requirements.  When looking for a trailer it is important to be aware of the variations available to ensure that your chosen trailer not only supports your load but is safe. A single axle trailer differs from a double or tandem axle trailer.

A single axle trailer is designed with one axle and one set of wheels.  Typically these trailers weigh less, are easy to manoeuvre and are a more economical option when compared to a tandem axle trailer of the same size. Given their design however they are unable to haul heavy loads which may be a concern depending on its intended use and offer limitations however if you plan to tow infrequently over short distances, then a customised single axle trailer is a great option.  With fewer tyres, less maintenance than a tandem, and far easier to park, this could be just what you need.

Westbrook Trailers also offer customised tandem axle trailers.  Please contact us to discuss all single or tandem axle trailer customisations.