Handy information to read before purchasing your trailer

Things to consider when purchasing a box trailer

What does it weigh?
What is the capacity of your tow bar?
Where am I going to take the trailer?
What is the towing capacity of your vehicle?
What do you actually want to use your trailer for?
What is the size of the largest thing you want to carry?
Example: How long is the Ride on Mower/Motor Bike I want to carry?

** Knowing the answers to some of these questions before you start your research will ensure you get the best information for to consider when you make your purchase **

What does that mean?

ADR – Australian Design Regulations
ATM – Aggregate Trailer Mass
NB – Nominal Bore (inside diameter)
PLU – The load (what you put in it)
RHS – Rectangular Hollow Section
SHS – Square Hollow Section
Structural Capacity – The weight of the trailer plus what it will carry (this is not the legal capacity of the trailer)
Tare – The weight of the trailer when empty

This you should know!

All trailers without brakes have ATM: 750kg
You can only increase this by adding brakes to the trailer

** No brakes will be fitted to Medium or Heavy Duty Trailers **
** Westbrook Trailers will only add brakes to Extra Heavy Duty Trailers **

Tow Height – Ensure that the tow height between the car and trailer is even as an uneven tow height can be detrimental to the structural integrity of the trailer. Check the towing capacity of the tow bar and ensure that it is actually capable of towing the ATM of trailer.

Just like your car, it is mandatory that you service your Trailer or Horse Float. Westbrook Trailers recommend annually (or more if the trailer is used every day.)

Servicing your trailer includes

Check for Cracked Welding
Checking the Tyre Pressure and Tread
Check Safety Chains are in good condition
Check Lights are in good working condition
Checking that your Bearings are packed with grease
Checking your suspension for Cracks and Greasing if a Greasable Suspension
Check floor, including Rubber Floor Sealing and Ply Flooring if in a Horse Float

How to get a longer life out of your trailer

Here are a few tips to ensure you get a longer life out of your trailer.

You can prevent rusting from occurring by:

Not leaving garden waste and rubbish in your trailer
Winding up your Jockey Wheel to allow for water drainage
Not leaving your trailer under a tree for leaves and other debris to fall in

The suspension used in our trailers is relevant to the ATM of the trailer. Despite contrary opinion putting a heavier suspension on a trailer can be as damaging as too light of a suspension. The legal carrying capacity of the trailer is not solely determined by the suspension rating, axle rating or tyre size.

Westbrook Trailers are Australian Made and built for our tough conditions. Our trailers are built to Australian Design Regulation Standards and built with Australian Grade Black Steel.