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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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Are your trailers made in Australia
Yes they are!
Do I need brakes for my single axle trailers?
A question we get asked a lot is "Do I need breaks on my single axle trailer?". You would only require breaks if you wanted to tow an excess of 750 kilos gross vehicle mass. This would require either mechanical, override, 10 inch electric breaks be fitted to the trailer.
Can my car tow a trailer?
A question we get asked a lot is "Will my car tow that trailer?". There a couple of things to consider when towing a trailer behind your vehicle. One is the towing capacity of the vehicle which you will find on a manufacturer’s guide. And the other is the towing capacity of the turbo fitted to your vehicle. We recommend that you check the installer’s details as to whether your turbo is suited to tow that trailer.

Horse Floats

What is the base structure of your horse floats?
A question we get asked a lot about the PBL horse floats is "What is the floor made from?". On the very base of the float, you’ll have an all grown chassis. On top of that, a structural hardwood which is known as f27 which means that it is sealed on both sides to help prevent deterioration from rotting.
How many do you have in the range?
One question we get asked a lot of the time about our horse float range is "How many do you have in the range?". We stock PBL horse floats. In our straight load floats, we have 3 separate floats with the range of features. In our angle load floats, we also have anything from a 2 horse up to a 4 horse angle load. In our Goosenecks, we have a large range anything from a 3 horse up to how many horses you need to carry varying from a 6 foot wide up to an 8 foot wide gooseneck.
Do your horse floats come with a warranty?
One question we get asked a lot is "Do your PBL floats come with a warranty?". Yes they do. They come with a 12-month structural warranty and a 5-year warranty on a factory built independent rubber suspension.
Are your horse floats wide enough to support the comfort of horses?
That can depend on a number of factors.
What are the towing regulations surrounding a gooseneck?
A question that we do get asked a lot is "Can I tow that gooseneck behind my vehicle?". We recommend that you check the legislation in your state. However here in Queensland, there is no legislation surrounding the towing of the gooseneck. What we do recommend is you check your manufacturer’s guide.